The Development of an Iconic Filmmaker
By Roy Firestone
Emmy Award-Winning Journalist

Steve was a lonely kid. He was ridiculed, bullied, and mocked, mostly because he was Jewish. He had few close friends, but he found relief from the sadness when he became obsessed with the movies. It helped him escape the pain of his parents’ divorce – and the wonder of making films was an escape to him, as it was for many lonely, hurting kids. And so, Steve made little movies using a Bell and…

Multi-talented Actor, Peter Onorati, Joins Mick & Mook on 8/9

Peter Onorati is an extremely talented performer whose 40-year acting career includes titles like: Goodfellas, This Is Us, Civil Wars, S.W.A.T., Big Bang Theory, and Cop Rock. Peter was born and raised in Boonton, New Jersey. He attended Lycoming College where he received his B.A. degree in Business Administration. He later received an MBA at Fairleigh Dickinson University. Peter was also an excellent athlete, who was recognized as an NCAA All-Conference football wide receiver. He’s still a fitness…

“Goliath”…the Story of the Great Wilt Chamberlain
By Roy Firestone
Multi Emmy Award Winning Journalist

Beginning next weekend and for the following three weekends, I will be one of the lead voices with recollections, stories, and interviews in a fascinating series about, easily, the most fascinating man who ever strode a basketball court. It’s called “Goliath”, and I am heavily featured in the 3-part documentary that tells the story of the most compelling athlete in basketball history…and yes, that includes Michael Jordan. What makes this series so groundbreaking, and I…