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10/20 - Brett Butler - Former All Star center fielder, played for Dodgers, Braves and Indians. Collected 2,390 hits
10/27- Tony Oppedisano (Tony O) – Frank Sinatra confidante, a look back on his 30 year friendship with The Chairman of the Board.
11/3 - Steve Dorff – Songwriter & Composer. Member of the Songwriters Hall of Fame
11/10 - Dr. Tom Monahan - Staff Sgt. 25th Military. Salute to Vietnam Veterans
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10/13 – Faith Ford – 5x Emmy Award Nominee for her role on Murphy Brown, co-star Hope & Faith

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Perry Rogers – CEO & Founder of PRP Inc, whose client list includes Shaq O’Neal!
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Commander David Scott – Cmdr. of Apollo 15. One of four living astronauts to walk on the Moon!

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Jim Maloney – Reds HOF Pitcher, 2x 20-game winner, 2 no-hitters in 60s
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Artis Gilmore – NBA/ABA Legend and National Basketball Hall of Fame Member

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Joe Regalbuto – actor and director. Frank Fontana on the CBS television sitcom Murphy Brown.
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Richard Picciotto – Highest-ranking firefighter to survive 9/11 collapse of World Trade Center


Talking the Hollywood Scene, Sports and Life Experiences

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MLB Playoffs: A Different Game from the Regular Season

Make no mistake, baseball remains America’s pastime.  While the National Football League may be America’s favorite sport to watch, we ‘pass time’ (over 8-months of the year, including Spring Training) watching baseball.  And while some may think baseball is boring, which it can be at times during a long, 162-game regular season, try watching playoff baseball. It’s an entirely different game and very exciting. Have you been watching the 2021 MLB Playoffs? At the time

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Recently I had the absolute pleasure of taking a trip to Madison Wisconsin to visit my 98 (count it NINETY-EIGHT) year old grandmother, Ruthie. Because of the pandemic, everyone’s busy lives, and the fact that we live about 2,000 miles apart, this was the first time I’d seen my Grandma in person in three years. Obviously, it’s always special to get to spend time with a grandparent but getting to talk to Ruthie as she

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Before My Sports Career the Mafia Came Calling

After graduating from college and prior to entering the Sports Industry, my life was filled with some precarious characters – none of whom my father, a police officer, would have approved. However, it was a time that surely provided me with interesting stories…and a better appreciation for being alive. It all began with my first job, post-college. I became a sales representative for a beer and wine distributor. The main beer sold was Narragansett.  ‘Narry’

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On The 30,000 Foot View

I have strange relationships with lots of things. We were born before the internet was widespread enough to have the all-consuming impact it had on Gen Z, but it certainly shaped us. Music went from tapes to CDs to mp3s to streaming at light speed (and at some point, vinyl came back?), never settling in on one format for too long during our lives. The same goes for phones and video games and government surveillance!

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September 11, 2001

“Don’t tell me what you remember,” I said.  I leaned in and looked Twiggy squarely in the eyes. “I want you to tell me what you absolutely cannot forget.” I was asking my brother firefighter that question because I was doing research for a book that has since been published called Combustible.  Although the Twin Towers had collapsed more than a decade earlier, Twiggy’s head immediately collapsed into the palms of his hands, voice quivering,

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9/11: Have We Forgotten? And What Happened to ‘Leave No One Behind’?

Windows on the World Restaurant, World Trade Center For those who follow this blog, you know that I occasionally depart from sports. This is one of those occasions. Like many, I vividly remember where I was when I heard of the first plane crashing into the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001.  Upon hearing, I quickly got in front of my television and watched the heartbreaking events unfold in real time.  When the second

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Super Bowl Champ Dwight Hicks Joins Mick and Mook on July 21st

The July 21st episode of A Mick A Mook and A Mic will feature Dwight Hicks, the former San Francisco 49ers’ All-Pro, two-time Super Bowl Champion…
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Valhalla High Graduate Frank Pace Turns into Book Author

Frank Pace has produced three movies and more than 700 hours of network television. A Valhalla High alumnus, he has been involved with some of the…
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Newsletter Subscriber Winner Announced

A Mick A Mook and A Mic Newsletter subscriber, Cheryl Pronchick of California, has won an autograph photo of the Murphy Brown cast, featuring Candice Bergen…
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